How to Prevent Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot

Leopard gecko mouth rot or stomatitis is an inflammation of the mouth caused by infections from bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. In extreme cases, may also be a cause of cancer, foreign body or jaw fractures.

This disease can affect both the mouth and gums. This is manifested by visible symptoms such as bleeding gums, loss of appetite, blackening of teeth, swelling of the mouth and a yellowish cheesy-like, what between the teeth.

This disease is usually of your gecko enclosure that is not cleaned well, pulled poor diet, gavage, and at a low temperature. Some geckos can still be treated at home with topical medications to improve the diet and giving them a cleaner habitat.

However, if your gecko shows deterioration of health by engaging in less activity, anorexia and shows significant redness, discharge and swelling of the mouth of your pet by a veterinarian experts have analyzed immediately. It can be quite difficult to treat for infection when the bones and deeper tissues to get already been affected. Red mouth is extremely painful and proved to be fatal if not treated immediately by a veterinarian.

The treatment of your leopard gecko mouth rot in mild cases, simply improving posture and the use of dilute iodine / Betadine or chorhexidine / Nolvasan solution. The vet will prescribe the appropriate dilution of your pet. Do not scrub sure to use soap solution and has content that may irritate the mouth. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a topical medicament.

In addition, mild cases of mouth rot require current approach. Directly at the mouth or parenterally, the injectable antibiotics, or both drugs, either orally or may require Nevertheless, bacteria that causes mouth rot often is resistant to antibiotics, why you can change your prescribing veterinarian as soon as the results are culture at hand is.

For the more severe case of mouth rot infection may require topical or surgical removal of the cheesy, often between your teeth Gecko. It is a nutritional support also needs to be infusion therapy and treatment.

In mild to moderate cases are timely and immediately visited livestock by improving the prognosis of recovery of geckos is always better with good to excellent. But for leopard with significant cheesy debris of the restoration of health may still depend on how well the treatment go and how fast your reptile medications which succumb to them. But for some it may have grave for reptiles with significant bone involvement.

Therefore, if possible, the following precautions is to prevent leopard gecko mouth rot to affect your pet and strictly follow the simple requirements to keep them in good health. Remember geckos are healthy happy pets.

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