Is a Tarantula the Right Pet for You? The Pros & Cons

Find out if a tarantula is a good pet for you
Over the years, the tarantula has a very popular pet. These spiders are unique, quiet and require little space, so it is not surprising that they would be an interesting addition to any household. The truth is, tarantulas are generally regarded as low-maintenance exotic animals and can be easily trained to become lovable pets. If you are thinking of for your home purchase, you should be aware of to get the following pros and cons before deciding to have a pet tarantula. 

Tarantulas belong to the spider family and are similar to others in that they have eight legs and eight eyes close together. In addition, there are a few distinguishing characteristics and interesting features that make them different from other spiders. In general they have extremely hairy legs and body. They have been know to live up to 30 years. Even if they do not spin webs, you will discover that they catch prey by chasing it up and kill it. 

There are more than 800 species of these spiders and they are indigenous to several climate zones and areas in the wild. They are generally divided into two categories, namely the New World, the Western Hemisphere of the Old World and originally from the far eastern hemisphere is disconnected. You will live in tropical or desert species and on trees or on the ground estranged. The Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula is the one most likely to be found in a pet store. Overall, they are probably the most sought after as a pet, they are friendly and do not mind treated. 

As already mentioned, these animals are the most low-maintenance animals that you will ever find. They can easily survive in a five to ten gallon aquarium or terrarium tank, but you must ensure that it is kept covered all the time. Basically, if you set this property, you are only required once or twice a week in order to other important aspects such as feeding and misting the tank with bottled water at room temperature, take to preserve the correct moisture. 

When it is time for eating, you can. Using live crickets or various other insects that you can buy at the pet store feed Remember that you do not catch and feed your pet tarantula with insects directly from nature in order to avoid the risk of exposure to pesticides and other toxins. Give your pet one or two crickets at meals will be fine, but keep in mind the amount you feed them depends on the size of your tarantula depend. Make sure that you have easy access to safe water for drinking at any time. 

Be sure to keep a clean and enclosed environment for your pet tarantula. You can easily droppings with a paper towel or cloth for cleaning. Just a simple easy cleaning at regular intervals is clean enough for housekeeping and keep his cage and other components thoroughly. 

If there are any disadvantages to owning a tarantula for a pet it would be the fact that they have a very large spider. Which are known to bite, but it is not fatal. They are probably the same reaction as if you were stung by a bee. Anyone using it as a pet they are beautiful, but for many others they are scary. Tarantula eating habits can be somewhat of a deterrent to many pet owners as they eat, live crickets although tarantula lover to do it will be fascinating to watch. 

Although tarantulas are not the cuddly type fascinating creatures and they make wonderful, peaceful animals. They are quiet and do not seem to mind being left alone. Appear to enjoy interacting with people. Ultimately, the key is to have an efficient these exotic animals everything there is to know about caring for them and understand them. 

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