Ingredients of your Chinchilla Dust Bath

Though rain seldom visited the dry and rocky environment of the Andes in South America, wild chinchillas have adapted and managed to make the most of their surroundings. For the different succulents for the area but these have developed in a way that whenever precious water is available, either grow huge underground roots to enjoy every drop, growing very close to the ground for instant access, storage or water in her juicy meat. For wild chinchillas eat some succulent plants replaced drinking. And since water is hard to get care includes bathing scattered in the fine sand and ash.

Since many chinchillas have been bred in captivity and domesticated, businesses and farmers have tried, by imitating aspects of their natural habitat them with a variety of special chinchilla dust baths in pet stores.

Chinchilla fur is rich and thick, helps them insulate their bodies to extreme temperatures to protect their sensitive skin from bacteria and parasites. Unlike other pets, you can not wash your pet chinchillas with water or shampoo. Your skin is more susceptible to bacterial and fungal attack with moisture. That is why, even when rolling into the wild, chinchillas in fine dust to clean. Chinchilla dust in a way that puts it does not dry out your pet's coat, and stripping only absorb excess oil, dirt and moisture.

Most chinchilla dust baths available on the market today usually have written the vague phrase "natural chinchilla dust" under the list of ingredients on the label. In the wild, the dust will roll it exists or eroded pumice rocks found in the area in one of the fine volcanic ash, or a mixture of both. Some products are grounded rock of pumice. The "Chinchilla Bath Sand" product claims that they "found 100% Natural Volcanic Pumice Stone Mountain in the Andes." Made entirely of The slogan also implies that such an agent is "dust-free" mitigate the problems of dust flying around during bath time.

For other products, such as "Sun Seed Sunt Hing Special Chinchilla Dust Bath", calls the product "Fullers Earth" as an ingredient This is a mineral that is known to be able to absorb oil, moisture and other impurities. Also added in some cosmetics, powders and pharmaceuticals. Interestingly, the film is also the rock powder to simulate explosions bigger and cheaper. For other uses in pet care, the ingredient is also known to be powder in cat litter and other pet.

Other possible ingredients in the mixture of chinchilla dust put either one of the really fine sand or fragrances. Be wary of cheap knock-offs, which consist only of sand, as this is not really a good job in cleaning your pet chinchilla. The Kaytee and Pet Scentsations Chinchilla Dust different brands to offer baths with scents of melon, raspberry and vanilla. Specify other brands have their products environmentally friendly and all-natural. These are major considerations in choosing the perfect chinchilla dust variety for you.

Chinchilla dust is usually affordable, depending on the size you want to keep in stock or need. Prices range from about $ 4 (for about 30 ounces) at about $ 30 (for a big bag of about 60 pounds of dust). Many pet owners usually try to see a variety of products that best chinchilla they have.

Knowing exactly what to buy in the chinchilla sand bath helps in understanding your chinchilla and their basic needs even better. And like any good consumer, it is worth looking for only the best products for your pet to be....

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