Rotastak Pink Palace - Hamster Cage Size and Description

The Rotastak Pink Palace hamster cage size and description fits any princess. This cool hamster cage is created by Rotastak and is the one for girls due to its bright pink color. The Pink Palace is for gerbils, mice and hamsters simulate the natural living environment of these small animals developed. The large hamster cage for most hamsters due to the size and the cage has 7 items: 

1 Rotastak Pink Palace Hamster Cage Size

53cm (21 inch) high
48cm (19 inches) wide
58cm (23 inches) Depth

The recommended size cage Hamster is:

30.5 cm (12 inches) high
30.5 cm (12 in.) width
61.0 cm (24 inches) Depth 

And the recommended size cage for 2 dwarf hamsters is:

30.5 cm (12 inches) high
30.5 cm (12 in.) width
61.0 cm (24 inches) Depth 

From these measurements, we can say that to live large enough for a hamster or dwarf hamster 2 in. Rotastak Hamster Cages Rotastak Pink Palace are usually big in size and can most gerbils, mice and hamsters take. 

2 Pink Palace Items List

Looping Pink Tubes
Hinged lid
Main compartment
Bedroom in the attic
Exercise Wheel
Feeding Bowl 

These articles are here to provide your pets with a simulation in their natural habitat and also for their survival. The looping Pink Tubes are to simulate tunnel to the main compartment and bedroom in the attic of the cage. The Exercise Wheel gives your pet never-ending source of running. 

This cage will definitely bring a lot of joy and fun to your pets and family. Your pets can spend countless hours exploring their cage to see while you and your family and enjoy their curiosity. The best thing about this cage is the fact that everyone will be happy! How do I know that? I have compiled several Rotastak Pink Palace Hamster Cage reviews and this is what the people who had bought the cage, said....

Tips in Choosing a Pet Hamster

Hamsters are nocturnal rodents ideal for those who work or go to school during the day either young or old adults. You are tired and slept most of the time during the day, because their energy is higher during the night time. Such as guinea pigs, hamsters are popular in the industry today due to their unique and attractive colors, odorless appearances, harmless, and they are so easy to tame. 

 Apart from the first editions of their cages and equipment, they are less expensive than guinea pigs. Also, they require only a minimum of care such as feeding and bonding. Like other rodents, hamsters generally need a long time when commitment is maintained, each of which includes a scheduled appointment at a vet when they are sick.

Hamsters are in small cages which require less space and are perfect for all animal lovers who kept living in small spaces such as apartments, condominiums and rented rooms. They are also suitable for children and adults, although there are numerous different types and sizes, unique features and various colors to choose from. But not all of these species suitable for very young children. Some of these species are so small that requires gentle handling and support of older and personalized, accurate maintenance of the said guarantee hamster. Hamsters are also sensitive, so be dealing with them since they just die gently.

The age of the owner is a factor to consider when selecting a large number of hamsters. Age affects an individuals choice and circumstances. So it is best to identify your means and circumstances and the resources available to get your hamster as replacement of nurses, if you are not there because of a busy career or schedule, someone who has a little time to the spend hamster when they need someone to cheer them up, someone to eat when hungry and others. Next is the number of hamsters, if you plan to tame numerous hamsters, this means you. Well against a bigger and more expensive cage for them Taming many hamsters has a partner responsibility and commitment to all pet owners. This includes proper maintenance such as food, hygiene and the environment. It is best not to place them in a small cage, where they can not move and play

When everything is set, you are now in the selection hamsters at most pet stores or breeders willing. Before your hamster, please read the hamster once handed over to you carefully inspect. A sick hamster means others are sick also so better find another shop or breeder. Next, look in the eyes of the hamster, their normal eyes are bright and they are always to warn when they are placed in the hand. Avoid those hamsters with runny nose, dirty bottom, sneezing, sticky eyes, weak and lethargic, and obviously thin body. These show an abnormal condition and disease. Always ask the staff to help you treat the hamster so that you can thoroughly check to avoid buying a sick hamster.

Four safety tips for exotic pet owners

As an exotic pet owner, you have the responsibility to ensure that you, your family, your community and your pet are safe. Therefore, you need everything including his temperament and habits to know about your pet, so that no harm is done for each. Here are four tips to be aware of the safe. 

. 1 Handling: There are many exotic animals and they differ in the degree of manipulation required of them. Some animals are easier to tame than others.You the pet you have to have respect. If this is not the case, as if touched or worn, then do not. A pet will probably bite you say their feelings. If you pick a pet and she struggles to get away, then do not get on the animal. Exotic pets can be dangerous, poisonous or harbor dangerous germs, you make can be very sick. You will know your pet and the amount of handling is appropriate and safe. But they can sometimes be very unpredictable and you can no warning before they hit and hit. Therefore, you must be very careful when it younger children to treat your pet.

So if you are with your exotic pet, it is a good idea to do it suitable moments where the atmosphere is calm and focused. Keep your interesting friend during your child's 6th Birthday is not really suitable for you or the animal. Or bring them out of their cage to someone who is afraid to show your pet. It is not wise to bring the animal Tarantula, if this someone has arachnophobia. There is plenty of time to have a pleasant interaction when the phobic person or persons to leave. If you treat your pet all you need to do is keep an eye on signs of problems, and then at the end of the interaction should occur immediately. 

. 2 escape-proof cage: You must make sure that the cage of your wonderful beings properly secured and that the creature can not escape. 

For example: ~ Snakes or creepy crawly creatures do not come when called. So, if they escape then it is not a pleasant experience to capture them ~ Rats and other rodents are very capable of escaping from their "nest". So you need to keep a careful observation of them as they are very destructive way from home. ~ Hamsters can be smart enough to find props to escape from captivity as climbing on adjacent curtains, although the bars were drawn from them to the top of the cage and out, never to be seen again! 

. 3 Wash your hands: After dealing with a pet, make sure you and your families have washed hands thoroughly as exotic pets germs on their fur or skin Habour. Let no person to eat when handling an exotic pet. 

4 Food.: As the owner of an exotic pet or two that you need to get the human diet, as some elements are highly toxic to some species to ensure. There is one exception though. Guinea pigs need vitamin C to prevent them from getting scurvy, they are prone to getting and so they get vitamin C from fruits and vegetables that people eat. 

So if you can feed your pet the right food, they treat their requirements, check it frequently without escape artist Houdini action and wash your hands a lot, then you are of course have the right pet. But always serve the four safety tips for pet owners to file if you want to have a memory lapse, or add an additional pet to your family

Exotic pets for sale - lemurs

Going out of the comfort of the standard is one of the greatest things a person can do. Stay corresponded ordinary things may sound boring life. This is perhaps the main reason why many people around the world are exotic pets for sale now getting into the trend of buying. Exotic pets for sale in a variety of styles, come from small critters to very large snakes. Exotic pets are a good pet choice if you are a little more unique with the animals that you want to have at home. Even though these animals outside of the usual, they need the same level of care that other animals have. 

Lemurs are one of the best exotic pets varieties that you choose to can go for. Lemurs are a class of strepsirrhine primates that are native to the island of Madagascar basically. You can easily see these animals in pet stores, the offspring in captivity. The choice of a male lemur is often for most people for the reason that male lemurs are not domineering, compared to the females recommended. In addition, male lemurs are also much easier to train as compared to female lemurs.

 The choice of a male lemur is obviously a good choice, especially when buying a pet than your first time. Lemurs in a variety of styles, you can choose to come. The smallest species of this would be the pygmy mouse lemur. The largest on the other side would indri lemur, which weighs usually an average of 15 lbs. Among all types of lemurs, the mouse lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs are perhaps the most commonly purchased types as pets. A mouse lemur control measures from 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches in length. This lemur species has soft fur, long hind legs, a long tail, large saucer like eyes, and a strip of black fur running down back at him. 

The ring tailed lemur on the other hand, comes in a much larger size than the latter compared. Ring tailed lemurs are larger, but they have shorter front legs compared to its hind legs. This is probably the reason why these types of lemurs on foot through the bottom-up high in the air. Ring-tailed lemurs typically weigh from 5 pounds up to 8 kg. In addition to this, it has a length of 15 inches to 18 inches usually grow. Taming lemurs is not that hard especially if they bought at a young age, however, they can become more aggressive as they get older. For this reason, lemurs are often castrated, while they are still at a young age. This prevents lemurs and more aggressive as they advance in age. 

Lemurs can be a good companion at home, that you will find are fun to play with every single day. These animals can be used as your stress balls (not literally of course) for the reason that they help you serve from a long week of relaxation at work or after a long day of housework....

Choosing the best chinchilla cage

There are chinchilla cages readily available in pet stores, but of course there are some things to consider. The cage should cater to all the needs of your pet. It is important that the cage should be large enough for your pet to run around, climb and play. This is important because chinchillas are energetic and curious little animals. Chinchilla cages are often much higher than they are wide, and can resemble a bird cage in some respects. 

Although they are nocturnal animals, it does not mean that they spend most of the day sleeping. If they are a little too busy with themselves to give, it is still very active during the day. Enter a piece of cardboard, wood or specially made dog chews is a recommended way of keeping them busy because they love to chew. Chewing helps filed in accordance with the teeth down because their teeth always grow. They love to chew so much, in fact, that if you do not give them a wealth of material to chew they start on the metal cage, which is bad for it, and gnaw irritating for you, the owner, because it makes a loud noise and obnoxious.

One thing you do not want in your chinchilla cage is a bowl of water. They should always be supplied with a hanging water bottle. This is because, should never Chinchilla wet, since the water to work its way into the vicinity of the skin, and due to the density of the chinchilla fur, it will not evaporate. This can lead to fungal form on the skin, and the skin to rot. If you think about how you clean your chinchilla are concerned, they actually take dust baths. 

 A sand bath should be provided at regular intervals, because this is how to keep them clean, and they just love to roll around and play in the dust. If you can not find the perfect cage, you can create your own instead. It is the best option if you think that cages that are sold in stores that do not meet your needs chinchillas. So you can add more features to if you want to cage it. You can accessories, toys or other things that your pet needs. You also know what is best for your pet.

Begin to Care for Your Hermit Crab

Right! I know! I know! I was that way too. Your children do you have in the hermit crab thing. So now your home has a new guest that you do not know much.

Trust me! You are not alone. So for those of you who are new to the hobby and the beast - and those of you who are veterans, but just want a refresher course - here hermit crab care in a nutshell.

The temperature is very important for the hermit. They do not like temps below 72degrees. When a hermit crab is consistently exposed to lower temperatures, it can kill him.

Temperatures are extremely high as dangerous. You can tell if your cat is overheated.

Humidity Humidity needs to be maintained on a certain level. Required a minimum of 70 percent humidity. Many new owners do not realize they need to create a substrate in the cage. Honestly I did not even know what one is. It's just a label on the material you put at the bottom of the cage. As cancers tend to dig holes to live in.

Sand seems to be a favorite for the crabs. But if this is not possible, you may find more options at your local pet store.

No matter what the material is safe, there are plenty of them. But you do not want it so low that your friends will not get the benefits of heating (and yes, you need one of them too!)

What's next? Now that you have set all your pet in his new home, you really need to get some thoughts on what to give to feed him. If they put it in a natural habitat, they would eat fruits, nuts, leaves and old pieces of wood.

Actually, there is not sufficient data, what is best for them. But we know a few things. Some antioxidants and vitamins such as calcium and carotene is very important.

Look at it this way, whether it's good for you is good for the crabs. Before you run to the cabinet, let me explain a thing or two. Boxed macaroni and cheese is not healthy food. Also potato chips. And for that matter, neither is Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But fruits, vegetables, and meat and fish - these will all help your cat's health.

Also keep in mind that they need foods rich in tannins, such as tree bark. Before doing so to feed your crab something, but be sure to rinse it thoroughly and dry it even. Its really loves crab, "crunch" when he bites.

Where Rotastak Creepy Castle at buy at the best price - Do not Skip This!

Wondering where to buy Rotastak Creepy Castle? Look no further as you have landed in the right place. I understand that we are all looking for the best price for hamster cages that we want. I have looked at a good price also almost everywhere in my hamsters cage. And after seeing it, I'm here to share with you how to get the best priced Rotastak Creepy Castle. Read more .. 

Method 1: Buy from the local pet stores give discounts Occasionally, local pet stores put up their items on discount. This is delete the old batch of items to bring up to 50% or more in the new and the discount can! So, when you see the discount board is put overthrow, to get your pet stores, a cool hamster cage! 

However, this method is not possible, the cage to buy at a good price, whenever you want. Sometimes the local pet stores are no discounts for months, because their business is going well. So if you are a very patient person or are you children begging you for this great Rotastak hamster cage to move on method 2nd 

Method 2: Buy at Amazon Amazon sells a wide range of products over the Internet. This includes the Rotastak Creepy Castle. However, Amazon invites you shipping costs for the items you buy. Since we are looking for the best cheap Creepy Castle, we do not want to pay extra cost for delivery. Moving on .. 

Method 3: Buy from eBay eBay is one of the most popular places to get things that you want. You can for the items that are brought for sale or buy it just for items that are classified under "Buy It Now" bid. The good thing about eBay is that you can get the items at very reasonable prices if no one else wants it. 

On the other hand, people can outbid you at the last minute to take away the items you want. And I'm sure the kids will definitely be very disappointed to have not delivered their desired cage. On top of that, do charge for delivery on eBay. So you have to keep in mind that if you offer for your articles. 

Method 4: Buy from online pet shop If you do not remember anything from the previous paragraphs, note this method! For this is the method that will show you where you Rotastak Creepy Castle at the most affordable price to buy. 

Purchase of online pet stores will give you 3 benefits: Free Shipping, 'Best Price Guarantee' and good customer service....

Problems you might face as a Ferret Owner - Health Related - Part 4 - Heart

Middle aged ferrets can develop heart problems. This is usually in cardiomyopathy. How to recognize this problem and what can you do about it? 

One of our little guys, Mimzy, as an actor when he was very lethargic about three years old. Well, it is not to lie flat for a ferret on the floor and the world around him unusual. But after a short time, usually the weasel pounces on something. It is a behavior that is reminiscent of a kitten play. Well, that would Mimzy remain lying on the floor and so for a long time. And instead and pounce on something, he would get up slowly and walk around. 

Apart from this lethargy, Mimzy seemed fine. I took him hooked him in his annual exam and the doctor checked his heart. The first vet said that he has an "irregularly irregular heartbeat." I have it, it was irregularly irregular up to my ear and listened to his heart, and in fact. The vet ended up that Mimzy had a heart problem, but her ECE machine was not good enough. He recommended that I take my little friend to a heart specialist.

We spent about $ 350 with the specialist and received a very specific diagnosis of Mimzy if the heart had a problem, and a nice little graphic. We could either ignore the problem, consider a pacemaker, or spend a few more money for an ultrasound to see if medicine would help him. 

As it turned out, we ended up ignoring Mimzy heart problem because he developed a very aggressive tumor at the same time. The tumor had priority. 

What you should see in your ferret?
1 Extreme lethargy
2 To stop playback in the middle of the game and collapsing
3 Shortness of breath
4 Bloating
5 An amount of coughing 

What can you do to help your ferret?
Ferret heart disease are usually a thickening or thinning of the heart in context. This is an incurable disease, so there is not much you can do. The goal is then to make your little friend comfortable. 

If I had to go through Mimzy situation, I would not take him to a specialist for the nice scan. During the scan was cool, it did not lead to a treatment for my ferret, and the money could be used to help other ferrets. 

Can you prevent this disease?
The answer is very much like being with the people. Vets think heart problems are genetic, but a poor diet, the problem could be more likely to occur....

Helpful Information about Pet Chinchillas

The Chinchilla is a sweet pet and falls under the mammal family and even rodents. The family of chinchillas known as Chinchillidae. They are similar to rabbits in size and measure about 12 cm or 30 cm in height and weigh about 1.3 to 4 pounds. The female chinchilla are generally bigger than the males. If they are kept as pets, they will live from 10 to 20 years and in wild environment they will only live up to 15 years, at most. 

Temperament of chinchillas:
Since chinchillas are nocturnal animals, they spend most of their days napping and sleeping. In case there is an interesting thing takes place, then these animals can really active, even during the day. When they sleep during the day, you have to protect them from interference and noise. The excellent time playing with them during the evening. It might be possible that they are in the mood to play with you in the late afternoon. You are sure, mischievous and intelligent in nature.

These animals have social behaviors that the owner to give them utmost attention and affection. When you first buy your chin, your pet will likely be timid and shy. So you will have to spend quality time with your pet. You can not interpret their behavior. Once you are successful in getting their trust, chinchillas will definitely jump on your shoulders and hands. Always give them something to chew on to their teeth filed down. The only goal is to employ them. Therefore, you can place new and clean cardboard in the cages. Use your two hands to it by keeping support from the back of their legs with one hand and another hand on the back of the front legs. 

Chinchillas love consistency in their lives, they will not appreciate, moved or change of residence. They are intelligent and have a long memory. This means that if you have fear of someone, they will always remember the person. During training, you can reward them with a treat and they tend to behave in the same way. Moreover, they can bite you if you threaten them. Since these animals do not like to be petted too much, they may not prove to be good. Pets for kids 

Health issues:
The chinchilla is very susceptible covered for crooked teeth and bite, seizures, heat stroke, constipation, diarrhea, fungal infections, spores and coat. So it is on your side to take them to veterinarians for regular check-ups. 

The cleaning of the cages chinchilla:
You have to clean the cage tray at least once a week. If you have a chin cage two or more, then you need to clean the tray more often. You can make use of newspaper and wood shavings instead of pull out trays. Keep the chin in a different location while you are cleaning their cage. To absorb the odor of urine, you can sprinkle baking soda, light, through the cage....

Rotastak Creepy Castle - Description and Information

The Rotastak Creepy Castle Information and Description - Another great creation by Rotastak. Created with the concept of old castles and secret chambers, the Creepy Castle provides an aura of excitement and mystery. It even has a glow in the dark feature that will definitely inspire the children. It is suitable designed for your little furry animals - the tunnels, tubes, manifolds and accessories simulates their natural habitat and makes the cage a complete living environment for them. Moving on, let me ask you this cage in larger details: 

Intro 1 Dimensions of Rotastak Creepy Castle The cage has assembled a dimension of approximately:
  • 59cm (23 inch) high
  • 59cm (23 inches) wide
  • 81cm (32 inches) Depth 
Experienced breeders hamster in forums that the recommended size of a Syrian hamster cage should be at least divided:
  • 30.5 cm (12 inches) high
  • 30.5 cm (12 in.) width
  • 61.0 cm (24 inches) Depth 
And the size of two dwarf hamsters in a cage should be at least:
  • 30.5 cm (12 inches) high
  • 30.5 cm (12 in.) width
  • 61.0 cm (24 inches) Depth 
The Rotastak Creepy Castle definitely has enough space for a Syrian hamster or 4. It is built up and thus takes up less space and at the same time with lots of space and places to explore your hamster! Intro 2 Items in Creepy Castle 

The cage consists of the following 8 items:
  •     Main unit - The Great Hall
  •     Round unit
  •     4 x loft bedroom - watchtowers
  •     Rainbow Runner impeller
  •     Travel Unit - The Guard Post
  •     Water bottle
  •     Pipe mounting - Secret passageways
  •     Easy access lid 

The cage is designed as such to simulate the natural habitat of your pet. The Great Hall, are passages and secret chambers of a simulation of underground living space that your hamsters, gerbils or mice are to build for himself in the wilderness. These small animals stay during the day to the heat and predators to hide underground. 

In the wild these animals run away from her hiding place in search of food. The Rotastak Creepy Castle comes with a wheel that provides your pet with a never-ending source of distance and movement. 

The guard gives you a space to keep your pet while you clean his cage. To research on normal days, it serves as an additional room for your pet and peace in. 

The highlight of this cage is its ability to glow in the dark. Of all the Rotastak hamster cages that I found, this is the only one that is able to glow in the dark. 

After reading the Rotastak Creepy Castle information and description, there is one last thing I recommend you have a look at before you decide to purchase this cage. Click here to reviews from customers who have bought this cage....