Problems you might face as a Ferret Owner - Health Related - Part 4 - Heart

Middle aged ferrets can develop heart problems. This is usually in cardiomyopathy. How to recognize this problem and what can you do about it? 

One of our little guys, Mimzy, as an actor when he was very lethargic about three years old. Well, it is not to lie flat for a ferret on the floor and the world around him unusual. But after a short time, usually the weasel pounces on something. It is a behavior that is reminiscent of a kitten play. Well, that would Mimzy remain lying on the floor and so for a long time. And instead and pounce on something, he would get up slowly and walk around. 

Apart from this lethargy, Mimzy seemed fine. I took him hooked him in his annual exam and the doctor checked his heart. The first vet said that he has an "irregularly irregular heartbeat." I have it, it was irregularly irregular up to my ear and listened to his heart, and in fact. The vet ended up that Mimzy had a heart problem, but her ECE machine was not good enough. He recommended that I take my little friend to a heart specialist.

We spent about $ 350 with the specialist and received a very specific diagnosis of Mimzy if the heart had a problem, and a nice little graphic. We could either ignore the problem, consider a pacemaker, or spend a few more money for an ultrasound to see if medicine would help him. 

As it turned out, we ended up ignoring Mimzy heart problem because he developed a very aggressive tumor at the same time. The tumor had priority. 

What you should see in your ferret?
1 Extreme lethargy
2 To stop playback in the middle of the game and collapsing
3 Shortness of breath
4 Bloating
5 An amount of coughing 

What can you do to help your ferret?
Ferret heart disease are usually a thickening or thinning of the heart in context. This is an incurable disease, so there is not much you can do. The goal is then to make your little friend comfortable. 

If I had to go through Mimzy situation, I would not take him to a specialist for the nice scan. During the scan was cool, it did not lead to a treatment for my ferret, and the money could be used to help other ferrets. 

Can you prevent this disease?
The answer is very much like being with the people. Vets think heart problems are genetic, but a poor diet, the problem could be more likely to occur....

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