Choosing the best chinchilla cage

There are chinchilla cages readily available in pet stores, but of course there are some things to consider. The cage should cater to all the needs of your pet. It is important that the cage should be large enough for your pet to run around, climb and play. This is important because chinchillas are energetic and curious little animals. Chinchilla cages are often much higher than they are wide, and can resemble a bird cage in some respects. 

Although they are nocturnal animals, it does not mean that they spend most of the day sleeping. If they are a little too busy with themselves to give, it is still very active during the day. Enter a piece of cardboard, wood or specially made dog chews is a recommended way of keeping them busy because they love to chew. Chewing helps filed in accordance with the teeth down because their teeth always grow. They love to chew so much, in fact, that if you do not give them a wealth of material to chew they start on the metal cage, which is bad for it, and gnaw irritating for you, the owner, because it makes a loud noise and obnoxious.

One thing you do not want in your chinchilla cage is a bowl of water. They should always be supplied with a hanging water bottle. This is because, should never Chinchilla wet, since the water to work its way into the vicinity of the skin, and due to the density of the chinchilla fur, it will not evaporate. This can lead to fungal form on the skin, and the skin to rot. If you think about how you clean your chinchilla are concerned, they actually take dust baths. 

 A sand bath should be provided at regular intervals, because this is how to keep them clean, and they just love to roll around and play in the dust. If you can not find the perfect cage, you can create your own instead. It is the best option if you think that cages that are sold in stores that do not meet your needs chinchillas. So you can add more features to if you want to cage it. You can accessories, toys or other things that your pet needs. You also know what is best for your pet.

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