Begin to Care for Your Hermit Crab

Right! I know! I know! I was that way too. Your children do you have in the hermit crab thing. So now your home has a new guest that you do not know much.

Trust me! You are not alone. So for those of you who are new to the hobby and the beast - and those of you who are veterans, but just want a refresher course - here hermit crab care in a nutshell.

The temperature is very important for the hermit. They do not like temps below 72degrees. When a hermit crab is consistently exposed to lower temperatures, it can kill him.

Temperatures are extremely high as dangerous. You can tell if your cat is overheated.

Humidity Humidity needs to be maintained on a certain level. Required a minimum of 70 percent humidity. Many new owners do not realize they need to create a substrate in the cage. Honestly I did not even know what one is. It's just a label on the material you put at the bottom of the cage. As cancers tend to dig holes to live in.

Sand seems to be a favorite for the crabs. But if this is not possible, you may find more options at your local pet store.

No matter what the material is safe, there are plenty of them. But you do not want it so low that your friends will not get the benefits of heating (and yes, you need one of them too!)

What's next? Now that you have set all your pet in his new home, you really need to get some thoughts on what to give to feed him. If they put it in a natural habitat, they would eat fruits, nuts, leaves and old pieces of wood.

Actually, there is not sufficient data, what is best for them. But we know a few things. Some antioxidants and vitamins such as calcium and carotene is very important.

Look at it this way, whether it's good for you is good for the crabs. Before you run to the cabinet, let me explain a thing or two. Boxed macaroni and cheese is not healthy food. Also potato chips. And for that matter, neither is Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But fruits, vegetables, and meat and fish - these will all help your cat's health.

Also keep in mind that they need foods rich in tannins, such as tree bark. Before doing so to feed your crab something, but be sure to rinse it thoroughly and dry it even. Its really loves crab, "crunch" when he bites.

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