Arowana Secrets, the most beautiful freshwater fish in the world?

If you are a fish lover or fish keeper or just have an interest in some of the exotic and mysterious creatures, then let me show you the planet "Arowana" fish inhabit. 

By many as the most beautiful freshwater fish in the world with a number of different species found in spectacular colors to be found the most colorful varieties of the Asian rivers around the Indonesian islands of Kalimantan, Sumatra and Papua. 

'Arowana' from the Indonesian word "Arwana 'or' Airwana" which in English means "paradise" is often called the "paradise of fish by local Indonesians., High in the Orient for its spiritual significance as the reincarnation of the Chinese dragon, means auspiciousness, prosperity and wealth, worshiped and even looks a bit "Dragon" as his large scales and weights, and its vibrant colors, the Arowana fish is a popular favorite with serious aquarist world. 

How many exotic fish that have become popular Many types of Arowana are now considered endangered in the wild as pets all over the world and as such are protected by law. However, they are managed and can be bought and exported to many spectacular colors under strict license laws are with each fish with certified to Microchiped and transport before leaving Asia. 

Arowana fish can carry quite a high price, depending on a number of factors such as the particular species, the age, the younger fish are usually cheaper but are a risky purchase than the fish not yet fully developed and its colors can 't be reliably predicted when fully grown, so its probably better to have a fish that is at least two years old, although it will cost you to buy more. Some of these fish can be worth up to $ 250,000, but can be bought for a few hundred dollars less colorful varieties usually the cheapest. 

To have a fantastic creature and surprisingly sturdy, they are a great investment as arowana can live in the right conditions for up to 20 years or more. Ready to buy a big tank but since arowana can be up to 40 "long, tank size shall be approximately 2 'x 8' in size are depending on the species. 

Keeping arowana requires some commitment, especially when all that is possible to do to wish its vibrant colors, and can be quite boring, although a number of supports to form a strong bond with there precious animal claim form and although they are a challenge the doting keeper would say that it is worth the effort....

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